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    next council meeting:    February 13, 2018, at 7pm      

    safe arrival line:
    613. 239. 2218

    What’s New:

    GrowSmartGirls is a seminar series  aimed at providing early information to our daughters (and sons) on some very concerning issues which have surfaced over the last few months.  It's important that parents and their children get the information together and be able to speak to each other on these topics, with common starting points.  

    While the initiative was designed with girls in mind, boys will benefit from the information presented and the workshops that we've arranged. Anyone who's interested is invited to learn about societal challenges facing our children today, and what we can all do to ensure they are equipped early to deal with those challenges. (Note there will be content not suitable for all age groups – these talks are geared for grades 6-12).

    The current sessions are:

    Wed. Feb. 21- 6:30-8:00 – SEXUAL ASSAULT / COERCION / CONSENT
    *Thurs. Mar. 1- 6:00 -8:00 – SOCIAL MEDIA 101 for parents only  / SELF-DEFENCE WORKSHOP for youth / CYBER SAFETY
    Mon. Mar 5- 7:30-9:00 – MENTAL HEALTH (Anxiety, Depression, Suicide)
    Mon. Mar 19- 6:00 – 8:00 – SUBSTANCE ABUSE

    With support of several Glebe community organizations, the seminars are free of charge, but we do need each family/group to register in order to ensure adequate seating, refreshments and take-away items.  

    Format:  Experts and practitioners will make presentations aimed specifically to the youth in the audience.  However, there is a *Social Media 101 session just for parents while their children participate in a self-defence workshop that we've organized. An opportunity for Q&As follows each presentation. Additionally, speakers and local business are providing contributions for take-away packages of relevant info and “freebees” for every group/family that attends the sessions.

    The goal is simply to empower youth with knowledge/skills/tools to improve their situational awareness and respond to societal dangers (including those on the Internet). Please see the website for more info: https://growsmartgirls.ca/


    Order Pizza or Subway at hopewell.hotlunches.net.

    1. Please go to https://hopewell.hotlunches.net
    2. Click on the Register button (top right side of page)
    3. Enter the Access Code: HAHL
    4. Enter your contact information.

    Please note: you will need to register even if you had an account last year, last year's accounts have been removed. Subway is not available to JK/SK students.


    The lunch program is Hopewell Council's biggest fundraiser. Learn more here.

    Learn more about Mazolla here.

    Council is seeking volunteers to help make our initiatives successful! Please email parentspeak@gmail.com to learn more.

    Check out the latest minutes.

    Please like our Facebook Page (hopewellavepsschoolcouncil).


    History of Hopewell School 2010-05-May P. 12 and 13


    Toys on the Playground List
    The Safe and Caring School Committee has prepared a list of toys that students are encouraged to bring to play with at recess in order to encourage positive physical activity at recess.Toy List.

    School Council is

    Social: Joining Council is a great opportunity to meet new people (parents, teachers and administrators).

    Constructive: Nothing beats the rewarding feeling of seeing projects from initiation to completion and the impact it has on the children. Our committees make good things happen.

    Educational: Council meetings are a great way to learn about issues in education, such as curriculum, staffing, operations and policies.

    Charitable: Every year Council looks for ways to reach out to less fortunate schools in our zone and our city. Whether donating goods or funds, or otherwise connecting, social responsibility is one of Council’s important goals.

    Political: Council contributes to community issues and has a role in advocating for changes in public education.

    Supportive: Council is representative of our parent community and has a role in hearing parent concerns and helping find solutions and available resources.

    School Council is a fantastic way to connect with the school community. Being an active member opens the door to countless opportunities and enrichment for our children. School Council is always seeking more parents, new ideas and volunteers to keep our great programs and commitments alive.